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Using collective impact methodology and an eclectic mix of other creative leadership facilitation practices, we work with a diverse group of clients that range from corporations to small and mid-sized towns, as well as cultural and non-profit organizations to solve complex problems with fresh solutions.


Services include consultation and facilitation in assessment and strategic action planning, policy development, leadership coaching, public art planning and acquisition, project management, data collection, community revitalization, and economic development with a focus on partnerships and creative collaborations.



Economic and Community Development

While our economic and community development solutions are tailored to meet individual community or organizational needs, one consistent premise drives us. We encourage the use of local resources to enhance economic opportunities while improving social and cultural wellbeing. Engaging community members to think creatively about development potential leads to the most sustainable solutions.


We bring communities together by creating and strengthening partnerships between government agencies, entrepreneurs, corporations, and non-profit cultural organizations. By facilitating dialogue among key stakeholders, Plato Strategies lays the foundation for desired results that no single agency can achieve on their own.


Restructuring, Capacity Building and Policy Development

Policy development is a collaborative process. It originates with a realization that policy is needed. With a fresh set of eyes, Plato Strategies assists you in formulating step-by-step, manageable plans that merge "high altitude" observations with "on-the-ground" practical actions.


We recognize that the appropriate policies can provide an opportunity for change related to pressing community issues. Our goal is to help you grow your capacity to allow for internal restructuring. After identifying key strengths, opportunities, and challenges we continually ask what else is needed. From there we begin developing policies and plans that achieve long-term desired outcomes while adapting to your pace.

Data Collection, Assessment, and Analysis

Strategically identifying the diverse people, places, institutions, and events that forge the cultural fabric of a region is the foundation of my holistic approach to planning.

Before a community designs a new arts organization, creates events, writes policy, or forms partnerships it’s critical to conduct a basic arts and cultural resource inventory. By identifying local and regional cultural assets, the community can develop more effective ways to leverage their unique resources.

Collecting and analyzing additional information about the community is another early step in building programs that stem from the community’s assets and needs. Through one-on-one interviews, town hall meetings, on-line surveys, and asset mapping, I connect the pieces that enhance community livability, boost economic development, and amplify downtown revitalization.


Project Management and Resource Development

Recognizing that it’s time for change is often the stimulus for new projects.  Our goal is to develop creative ways that existing or unimagined resources can be used to provide support for, and leadership around, sustainable projects that make long-lasting differences in a community. 

We are invested in the communities and organizations in which we work. You can count on timely follow-up with additional technical assistance to ensures our services meet and exceed your needs.


Recent Clients


Thank you for your masterful genius. The meeting at the library Thursday morning was the second time I've attended one of your sessions. I am beyond impressed with the work you are doing to bring the Edenton Public Art Initiative to reality. The way you paced, led, directed, handled every comment with genuine responses, kept the dialogue from side-lining or deviating from the focus, involved everyone, and provided excellently organized handouts.


Your management skills are just amazing. So many presentations or meetings are excruciatingly painful because the presenter/facilitator might be scattered, unorganized, unprepared and unable to keep a group focused. You are superb. Thank you for bringing us this far and moving us tediously forward. There are dynamics in every area, with all kinds of populations and demographics. I believe you are genuinely interested in every person and what they have to say. 


Susan Birckhead, arts educator

Edenton, North Carolina



Working with you and watching you work was not only a pleasure but it was a tremendously positive learning experience. Thanks for what you do. The world is a far better place because of you.

Karl Merritt, Great Oak Youth Development Center

Fayetteville, North Carolina

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